Neptune Pacific Line operate a monthly shipping service from Brisbane & Sydney to Norfolk Island.  Cargo from Australia is packed into containers and sent on a feeder vessel from Australia to Auckland to connect with the Norfolk Guardian.


Cargo Bookings

All cargo must be booked prior to delivery with

Sydney & Brisbane
Tel: +612 9700 0046

Cargo Receivals

Cargo receiving depots are located in Brisbane & Sydney

Chalmers Industries (Kalgin Stack)
26 Whimbrel Street
Fisherman Island QLD 4178
Daily Operating Hours: 07:00 – 16:00


WSI International (Kalgin Stack)
11 Bumborah Point Road
Matraville NSW 2036
Daily Operating Hours: 07:00 – 15:00


  • Cargo must be pre-booked before delivery to the receving depot;
  • All cargo received for export should be palletised and shrink-wrapped in dark plastic for cargo safety;
  • Cargo must be marked with Consignee name & Booking Reference;
  • Cargo measurements must include the pallet;
  • No ‘CHEP’ pallets allowed.  All pallets require ISPM 15 standard.
    Pallets made of plastic, plywood or cardboard are acceptable.
    All wooden pallets to carry the symbol HT=heat treated or CT=chemically treated;
  • Both a MO41 and MSDS required for all Hazardous cargo shipments.
  • Personal Effects are prohibited from being loaded in motor vehicles